NYS’s Decision on Season

Gentlemen, today’s decision by the Gov. of New York State, was probably the one decision throughout the state, that no one wanted to hear. SInce this pandemic began, people who guide interscholastic athletics, Section 2 Baseball, and the Suburban Council have been working diligently to prepare contingency plans for the opportunity for spring sports and high school baseball to get back on track. Unfortunately, things have finally hit a wall with the season being cancelled this spring.

The work and preparation it takes to run the SHENENDEHOWA BASEBALL program is no easy task. From the coaches investing their expertise and guidance for players to reach their potential, to players working to improve their skill set and baseball I.Q., to the grounds crew who help prepare our facility, to the Dugout Club Officers and support staff and our local businesses who support our program,…..I am sure everyone is lost at the moment realizing we will not have the 2020 season. I know it is difficult for everyone to comprehend, but similar to events in the game of baseball, we will stick together and overcome this hardship.

To our seniors who have done everything we have asked of them and more….we thank you!!!….We thank you for being leaders, for guiding our underclassmen, for excelling in the classroom and on the playing field, and for passing the torch to the next generation of SHENENDEHOWA BASEBALL players who will carry on your legacy in years to come.

For a man to stand in Yankee Stadium and speak to a jammed packed crowd…..knowing he was going to die, and say….”…how grateful he was and that he had an awful lot to live for!!!”….can also be a life lesson for our seniors. Yes, we all have been given a bad break….and our seniors will not enjoy the experiences that the season was going to bring to all of us……but most importantly…..that our seniors have an awful lot to live for!!!!….Your lives are just beginning and you have so much to look forward too!

Baseball will come back and all of you have an additional opportunities to play the game we all love. Whether it be in college, in the summer, or just recreationally….take advantage of the opportunity to play this great game and experience all it has to offer. The ups/down…the success and failures….the excitement and the difficulty it presents. Also, with this time away for the game …..I am sure we all have come to realize how important the game is in our lives and how it impacts us in so many ways. Yes, we all miss it and I know from the coaching staff…..we not only miss the game, we miss working with the the very best players and families New York State has to offer!!!!

As my meetings with SHEN coaches, SHEN administrators and local committees begin to process the information we learned today, I will keep everyone connected and share information as soon as I can. Somehow we will honor our departing seniors and pass the torch to the next generation of players responsible for SHEN BASEBALL.

Stay positive, continue to be leaders and stay together and be strong for one another. Your friendships will last a lifetime! and your connection with SHEN BASEBALL will last through the ages!!!!!!



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